Sexuality, Developmental Disability, and Applied Behavior Analysis 204: Providing instruction for personal safety

Are you concerned about your clients or students’ vulnerability and personal safety?

This webinar is designed to broaden practitioners' understanding of the development of self-protection skills against sexual abuse. The presenter will first discuss traditional challenges in teaching personal safety then introduce a developmental theory of self-protection which promotes new approaches to old challenges.  Participants will then learn about selecting topics for instruction and programming for important skills acquisition.  Participants will also leave with recommendations for available self-protection and personal safety instructional resources.

*Special note: This webinar does not contain any case studies or descriptions of sexual abuse. It focuses on pro-active instruction in the area of self-protection and personal safety skills. That said, personal safety and sexual abuses are sensitive topics and participants should consider this when selecting this webinar.


Includes 1.5 BACB Learning CEUs

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