English Language Learners Endorsement Practicum (Fall) 2023

The fall quarter of the ELL practicum is designed to build on participants' practicum experience from the prior summer. It is intended to support them in their own classroom as well as in any future k-12 placements. The emphasis this fall is on their continued development and reflection on their instructional practice, particularly with emergent bilingual and multilingual students. As part of the fall practicum, teachers will participate in three monthly seminar sessions with their colleagues. The practicum seminars are an opportunity to deepen practice and reflection through conversation, discussing problems of practice, and sharing resources. For the practicum, teachers will also be paired individually with a coach. By the end of this practicum, participants will:

1. Plan and implement effective lesson plans that are tailored to the assessed needs of the ELL students in their classroom.

2. Critically reflect on the effectiveness of lessons and overall instructional practice in regard to advancing emergent bilingual students’ language learning and academic achievement.

3. Give and receive accurate, thoughtful feedback to colleagues related to strengths, areas for improvement, and helpful resources.

This is offered for 20 clock hours.